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Motor-Dome is a high stakes extreme sport where up to 6 players compete in a free for all deathmatch, racing against one another as plugs trying to reconnect to their sockets and score the most points!


Collect the Purple pickups to increase the length of your trail, and Orange pickups to gain boost. When your trail is long enough, try to reconnect to your socket. The longer your trail is, the more points you will score. The player with the most points after 5 minutes will be the winner.


For keyboard, use WASD to play, you can press P to pause. W acts as a boost, and S acts as a break

For controller, move with the Joystick, use Right Trigger to boost, and Left Trigger to break

Designed with controller in mind, also supports keyboard. Custom keybinds can be set in the options menu!

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AuthorsGembit, hucota7


MotorDome_v1.1.7z 54 MB


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This is awesome!

Awesome game! I really like the attention to detail with things like going up the elevator at the start of a match and the camera depth of field when showing pre/post game UI, very nice :D The graphics and audio are well done also.
Its very nerve racking when you have a large tail and can crash into yourself when trying to reconnect haha